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With the economic crisis many people have serious economic problems to make ends meet and break their heads to get money and make it quickly.

  • One of the most common methods to overcome this “monthly” month cost is to go to well-known friends and family in order to leave the necessary money for a few days and then pay it back with the payroll.
  • A second method is to request a down payment from the payroll although I do not particularly like it because you have to teach “your miseries” to your boss, which does not please me.
  • A third method is to get money on loan

    A third method is to get money on loan

  • until a few years ago it was usual to go to the neighborhood office to be granted but banks have also turned off the tap because the delinquency continues to increase and are no longer willing to assume more defaults, hence, the most feasible option is to request a credit online from those advertised daily on television.

In this post we are referring to the loans that are requested by family economies to save extreme situations of lack of money

money urgently

In a post already published previously we discussed in depth the bank loans for entrepreneurs , which I recommend reading if you are thinking in setting up your own business.

The great disadvantage of the requests of minipréstamos to surpass the month is that the cost can be quite high although although it is certain, that when being quantities that oscillate between the 100 and 600 euros, the amount of money in concept is assumable by part of the applicant, and in many cases with the first payroll charged can be settled the debt with the lender.

But not only is it indicated to arrive at the 30th day but it is also used for any unforeseen or extraordinary expense that arises and that can not wait, as it can be the payment of a traffic fine that of not satisfying it in the established moment will proceed judicially against your assets and property so it will be even worse. What is advisable is to request a microcredit to pay the fine in the first 15 days so the economic sanction will stay at 50%.

The profile of the applicant is a person between the ages of 20 and 50 who does not have monetary liquidity in the face of unforeseen events, although he or she usually has regular income such as payroll or pension, which undoubtedly generates a lot of confidence in the companies specialized in the concession of the micro credits.


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