How to avoid being scammed with quick credits

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 Quick credits can become the perfect solution to deal with an unexpected or pay a debt that can not delay your term, but before you go to ask for one and get cheated you have to take into account a number of things

Tricks to detect fraudulent quick loans

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Thanks to the great boom of companies operating on the Internet to grant miniprestamos to consumers, there are some scammers who find it very easy to camouflage themselves and offer urgent credits without abiding by any legal regulations.

1 Serious companies specializing in fast loans, such as Cofidis or similar, will never ask you to send any amount of money in advance, under any circumstances. If you think it is incongruous that you make a request for a loan money and you end up giving them some money beforehand.


2 Almost all companies that operate legally in Spain belong to the Spanish Association of Micro Loans , which regulates that everyone follows a code of good conduct and that they try to act responsibly and deny money requests where they detect that the petitioner is going to have serious difficulties to repay the loan.

3 The way of operating is through web pages: One precaution you can take is to make sure that said web portal uses the https security protocol , and that on its upper left side (next to the url) a green padlock appears. (I also have to warn you that these tips, like others, are not always reliable, first of all your common sense must prevail)

Many of the loans that are approved through the Internet are widely criticized by various consumer associations because they accuse them of skimming usury, because the applicable APR is well above the interest rate that is applied in any traditional bank. Until today, the Bank of Spain has left to free competition the setting of the applicable interest rate and has not yet entered to regulate maximum tax rates, as demanded by different social groups.

In what seem to agree both the defenders of this type of minicréditos and its detractors is that it is a financing channel that the consumer should only use in an extraordinary way and with absolute responsibility because of not doing so it is very possible that their financial problems they get worse because they would enter a situation of over-indebtedness.


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