How to save with credit cards

 After the financial crisis of recent years, banks and credit card issuers offer endless possibilities to save money and one way to do this is through a compensation program based on the loyalty that customers have towards some credit card companies.

These companies offer cash incentives for using your credit card in purchases online or in person


So we can benefit from it whether we make online purchases or if, for example, we make purchases at any store where we usually buy, using our credit card.

That is, for each purchase we make we will obtain a discount that our bank or issuer will usually pay us at the end of the month.

It is convenient to know that credit cards, unlike a debit card, have a much higher interest rate than normal loans, however, with the intelligent use of a credit, many benefits can be obtained. One of the advantages, as we have pointed out above, is that you can use your card to get a refund of the money that accumulates at the end of each month.

If you, for any reason, can not pay your bill on a regular basis, you can make a contribution to the settlement of interest so that the capital does not continue to grow. So that the interest does not increase and with this the capital of the debt is so important that the corresponding payment is covered, for this you can link your account between a credit card and a debit card, which will also help you to pay invoices in time. basic services such as water, electricity, gas or taxes, including supermarket bills, rent.

save using credit cards

Among the benefits granted by some companies is that the more you use the card with the collection of each fee you can get an incentive almost similar to the interest that is being charged, which would leave the debit in your initial capital.

We are talking that if we use the card intelligently and make the most of the promotions to buy in certain establishments, the bonuses we can get would be close to the interest charged by the bank or the issuing company of our card for the credit card , so this credit could be close to leaving us free in some cases


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